Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the Verbatek concept better than what I'm doing now?

    There is no need for separate software packages to provide the transcript copy, condensed print, and word index products. Verbatek transcription software tools provide all these features and more in one application. You can access Verbatek from any Internet access point: from home, from a hotel room with Internet access, or even while at an Internet Cafe'....virtually anywhere on the planet

  • What are the system requirements for Verbatek?

    An Internet connection, high speed cable or DSL is preferred, but dial-up will work, too. A web browser is also required.

  • Is there any software to load on my computer?


  • Can I access Verbatek from anywhere?

    Yes. In fact, you can access while at home or away and use either a wired or wireless network connection.

  • When can I access Verbatek?

    Verbatek is accessible 24X7. When there are occasions routine system maintenance is required, a "message-of-the-day" will advise users of the outage when they log in.

  • How secure is Verbatek?

    Each user is given their own user id and can control when to change the password at any time. In addition, Verbatek provides full SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection for all data communications. The SSL (accessed via https connection) will provide the same level of security most financial and commercial institutions use today.

  • How can I get an authorized user account, and how long does this process take?

    After completing our "New Member" on-line form and agreeing to our Service Agreement and User Policy, accounts are generally created and available for immediate use within the same business day.

  • Are there any maintenance fees associated with Verbatek?

    No. Access to Verbatek iis provided on a subscription basis. We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription packages. Any subscription can be cancelled at any time and a pro-rated subscription fee will be assessed based on the "used" portion of the service.

  • I use a typist/scopist to create my transcript drafts and then I proof them for the finished product. Can the typist use Verbatek to create the draft?

    Yes. Because Verbatek was created with the Court Reporter in mind, we have provided various roles within the system. This means, you as the Court Reporter, have the ability to automatically assign a transcript to a typist. The typist would then be notified via email to begin the job, and the typist has the ability to notify you back when the transcript draft is ready to proof. You even have the ability to upload the digital recording of a transcript and never have to deliver the media to the typist...thus saving you and your typist valuable time.

  • Can I save my transcript data after using Verbatek?

    Yes. At any time, you can save the transcript data locally to your hard drive, CD, Zip cartridge, or even a memory stick.

  • How often does Verbatek back up data?

    We conduct routine daily backups of all data transparent to the users. In addition, if a user removes a transcript by mistake, it can be recovered.

  • I have some special needs that the current Verbatek does not offer. Can these requirements be incorporated into Verbatek?

    Yes. We invite our users to help make Verbatek the number one choice of Court Reporters for their transcripting software needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your specific requirements.

  • I've created a lot of transcripts using a word processor already. Can I use Verbatek to create the condensed print and word indexes of these transcripts?

    Yes. We realize that some Court Reporters have become very familiar, and proficient, using the court reporting tools they already have. Verbatek can be used to generate the condensed print and word indexes after a transcript has been created. For your convenience, we can create the condensed print and/or word index for you for a minimal fee. Please call us for details.

  • Can Verbatek produce 8,9, and 10 characters per inch transcript?


Billing Info

There are 4 billing provisions: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Weekly, quarterly, monthly, and yearly invoice statements are sent out automatically via email, prior to the selected subscription renewal date. In addition, users can review their invoices on-line.