Verbatek: Court reporting software and services

Our History

Verbatek was developed by Dewey Crosby, a experienced software engineer, in consultation with Patricia Crosby, proprietor of the Crosby Court-reporting Center. Dewey wanted to create formating software that would save time for the court reporter, and enable the creation of transcripts at the touch of a button, rather than use the complicated and time-consuming mixture of different macros and software systems used by many court reporters. He wanted to support court reporters, scopists, typists, and others by providing the necessary tools to generate transcripts, condensed print copies, and word indexes quickly and efficiently and thus reduce time spent outside of the courtroom and lawyer’s offices.

For many years court reporters have successfully relied on Verbatek to produce accurate transcripts, word indexes, and condensed copies and save time and money.

Verbatek specializes in web-based applications enabling court reporters to generate transcripts, condensed copies, and word indexes.
Transcripts can be typed directly into Verbatek or copied directly from other word processing software. We can also produce transcripts. Please contact us on 985.643.8355 to arrange a free trial and find out how we can help you.